Friday, February 12, 2010

hello from Pucallpa. very very hot and humid. my fingers are fat and look like hotdogs from them being so swollen. Things are going very well . Today we had oriantation and were given and idea of what we will be doing. The people are so kind and nice. My best Morgan is trying to sign in on the computer beside me but with no luck. My great blackberry phone is not working. My yahoo email is not working. I am sure it will work sometime before we go home. God is good. love being here. will do it again. We are very safe. The staff is very good about keeping us safe

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The night before

We are at our last night at home before we leave for Peru. Sandra made enchiladas that were out of this world. Kandy and Jay enjoyed them with us. We are so excited to go but also a little scary. We will miss everybody back home. Rey and I want to fullfill the command of " Go into all the world and tell the good news to all creation.